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By removing one direction of traffic from a network, the risk of crashes can be reduced.

This can be achieved through a reduction in conflict points at intersections, and may make pedestrian crossing movements easier with more orderly gaps in traffic.

One-way traffic systems are often used to replace ‘grid’ street patterns to:

  • reduce congestion problems in city centres
  • create access-only streets (usually for access to residential uses).

However, drivers may become used to the lack of opposing traffic and increase their speed. Also, one-way networks can be confusing for non-locals and increase travel distances.

le Démonstrateur de classement par étoiles est un outil disponible gratuitement avec le logiciel en ligne iRAP, ViDA. Avec le Démonstrateur de classement par étoiles, il est possible d'explorer l'impact que ce traitement des routes plus sûres a sur le risque.

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