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Zones scolaires

School zones are areas within the vicinity of schools and other educational establishments where school children and young pedestrians are likely to be present in high numbers. School zones will often incorporate reduced speed limits and traffic calming.

School zones are likely to have appropriate road signs (often incorporating flashing beacons for conspicuity) and markings to make motorists aware of the presence of vulnerable road users such as young pedestrians and bicyclists. Parking restrictions may also apply in school zones. is commonly used at and around schools to ensure that vehicles travel in a predictable way and at low speeds.

A school zone crossing supervisor may also be present to assist children when crossing roads on their way to and from school. Crossing supervisors often operate during the school community’s peak demand period both in the morning and in the afternoon to temporarily stop vehicular traffic at crossing points to give priority to pedestrians whilst crossing the road. Actual operating times depend on a number of factors that include school start times, pedestrian access and traffic volumes.

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