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warning sign

Clôture pour piétons

Pedestrian fencing, or guard rail, may be used on the side of a road or within the median to restrict pedestrian access to the carriageway, reducing conflict between motorised vehicles and pedestrians.

Fencing is often used to direct pedestrians to a preferred formal crossing point and to discourage pedestrians from making dangerous crossing movements where visibility may be limited.

Innovative solutions can be achieved through good street design using street furniture, planting and public art to guide and direct pedestrian movements. Designs must consider the needs of vulnerable road users and the mobility impaired.

le Démonstrateur de classement par étoiles est un outil disponible gratuitement avec le logiciel en ligne iRAP, ViDA. Avec le Démonstrateur de classement par étoiles, il est possible d'explorer l'impact que ce traitement des routes plus sûres a sur le risque.

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