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Roadside Safety - Sideslope Improvements

Sideslope improvements include measures to reduce the gradient of the embankment or roadside slope adjacent to the carriageway and also the removal of any hazardous objects that are located within that area.

Sideslope improvement will reduce the likelihood of a vehicle rollover in run-off road/loss of control crashes and may also reduce the severity of these types of crashes. Generally flatter sideslopes are safer. A sideslope is considered to be traversable if an errant vehicle can recover and return to the roadway while keeping all wheels in contact with the ground.

If the slope cannot be made traversable and clear of hazards, it should be protected (for example, with the use of safety barriers). In these cases, the geotechnical properties of the sideslope material (soil, rock etc.) should be considered.

The Star Rating Demonstrator is a freely available tool with the iRAP online software, ViDA. With the Star Rating Demonstrator, it is possible to explore the impact that this Safer Roads Treatment has on risk.

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