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Publicity campaigns are an important way to help improve road safety outcomes.

They can be used to:

  • increase awareness of road safety issues (including existing issues as well as new laws)
  • increase awareness about the penalties for breaking road rules
  • help change peoples’ attitudes to road safety issues.

Publicity campaigns alone will likely not lead to the desired behaviour change. When trying to change behaviour it is also necessary to educate people about why they need to change. This can be part of the publicity or part of a wider education program. It is also necessary to combine publicity and education with enforcement of laws and use of associated penalties.

Effective publicity campaigns require careful thought and planning. Elements of a Media Publicity Campaign lists elements that should be covered when planning a campaign:

  • developing a media advocacy action plan
  • conducting media mapping
  • developing a media contact registry
  • selecting your target audience
  • developing key messages
  • selecting your media advocacy tactics
  • selecting media advocacy channels
  • selecting social media channels
  • selecting messengers
  • effective partner coordination
  • monitoring and responding to the media
  • evaluating media advocacy.

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