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A variety of different crash types can occur when vehicles are manoeuvring. Manoeuvring includes vehicles and motorcycles entering or leaving the roadway, making turns other than at intersections (including ‘U’ turns) and parking.

Vehicles and motorcycles can enter or leave the roadway for a number of reasons. These include to gain access to a roadside property (housing or commercial) or other roadside activity. This becomes a greater problem when vehicles and motorcycles need to cross opposing streams of traffic. Roadside activity includes vehicles and motorcycles stopping at roadside markets or at informal pedestrian drop-off or pick-up points. This is especially a problem at urban fringe areas where there is often higher traffic speed, but also a large number of vulnerable road users present, including pedestrians.

Manoeuvring crashes can also occur when vehicles either enter or leave a parked position. This can result in collisions with other vehicles, or with vulnerable road users including pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

‘U’ turn crashes can occur when the U-turning vehicle is struck by a vehicle from the opposite direction or by a vehicle from the same direction.

Typical factors which may add to manoeuvring crash risk include:

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