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The Road Safety Toolkit provides free information on the causes and prevention of road crashes that results in death and injury.

As we move into the 2030-Decade of Action for Road Safety, we are reviewing the Toolkit and welcome your feedback about the website and suggestions about how it can be improved.

Building on decades of road safety research, the Toolkit has helped engineers, planners and policy makers develop safety plans for car occupants, motorcyclists, pedestrians, bicyclists, heavy vehicle occupants and public transport users.
The Road Safety Toolkit is originally the result of collaboration between the International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP), the Global Transport Knowledge Partnership (gTKP) and the World Bank Global Road Safety Facility. ARRB provided expert advice during the Toolkit’s development. This review of the Toolkit review is funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies and is being undertaken by the Global Road Safety Facility with support from iRAP.

Case Studies related to Crash Types

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