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Pedestrians are vulnerable road users. In many countries, collisions with pedestrians are a leading cause of death and injury. In some countries, over half of all road deaths are caused by collisions between vehicles and pedestrians.

Pedestrians are struck by vehicles in a number of situations, including while:

  • Trying to cross the road.
  • Walking along the roadside, or on the road.
  • Playing or working on the road.
  • On driveways or footpaths.
  • While boarding or leaving public transport vehicles.

Pedestrians can also be struck by bicycles.

The severity of pedestrian crashes is strongly dependent on the speed of traffic. Research shows that the chances of a pedestrian surviving an impact with a motorised vehicle reduces dramatically above 30 km/h, and even at lower speeds than this, serious harm can be caused, especially to elderly or child pedestrians.

Typical factors which may add to pedestrian crash risk include: