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Intersections - Turn Lanes (Signalised)

Signalised intersections with fully controlled cross-traffic light phases indicate to drivers when to enter the intersection, thus removing the problem for them of selecting safe gaps in the traffic flow. This reduces crashes between turning vehicles and oncoming through traffic.

Signalised turn lanes can also be helpful where there is a history of crashes between turning vehicles and pedestrians crossing the road. Signalised turn lanes are created by installing additional display lanterns facing the chosen approach; red, yellow and green lanterns for the through movements and for example, red, yellow and green turn arrows. Dedicated turn lanes should be provided if they don’t already exist at the site.

Further information on signalised intersections can be found on the Intersection – signalise page.

A signalised turn lane may be installed for any of the following reasons:

  • new traffic signals are being installed
  • there is a history of crashes between turning vehicles and oncoming through traffic
  • there are two or more lanes that turn across traffic
  • turning traffic is opposed by two or more through lanes of traffic
  • two or more opposing through traffic lanes have high operating speeds
  • sight distance to the intersection is limited.

The Star Rating Demonstrator is a freely available tool with the iRAP online software, ViDA. With the Star Rating Demonstrator, it is possible to explore the impact that this Safer Roads Treatment has on risk.

Treatment Summary


Low to medium

Treatment life

5 years - 10 years

Potential casualty reduction


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